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Pet Rescue Saga : Level 891

Tips for Level 891
Try to fill up one or two butterflies at a time.
Choose those that have the most amount of blocks on the board first.
As you clear you'll also build up the mesh breaker booster.
Once you've broken the mesh twice it will open up the left column, if you're lucky some of the turtles may be saved by removing these blocks.
If not, you must rely on butterflies to get them all.
Once all the turtles are saved one black cat will be ready to drop.
They only seem to fall in the middle 3 columns of the left side of the board, so make your move here to get one falling.
Only after you have saved the black cat (5th Pet) will the next one (6th Pet) fall.
If you still have a butterfly try to save it for release until this final Pet.
Otherwise the only way to get it down is by removing blocks below it and moves seem limited by this stage of the level!