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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you use cheats?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No.

How do I find the level I need?

Click the menu icon (top left). A menu will drop down and you can select the game. You can also use the 'search' function, at the top of the page. The games are separated into their episodes with the level numbers visible.

I need more help than just a video!

Below the video, you'll can find strategy and tips for passing the level. Please ask if the level you need does not have tips yet.

Where is level xxx? It is not here!

We are concentrating on the more recent levels. Older Levels are being added as time permits. We might be able to add an older level, or one from another King Saga game, just ask.

Why is your version of level xxx different to mine?

The developers often change the levels.

Please let me know of any differences by contacting us here:

If the level has been made harder a new video will be made. If it's easier, the same game tactics should still apply.

Official King FAQ and support can be found at this link: