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Pet Rescue Saga : Level 2079

Tips For Level 2079
There are two incidences in this level that will make a new Pet appear.
One is if, after removing a Pet, there is a column with only one space between the line blasters and the top row.
This only seems to work if not too many cages or line blasters are disturbed.
The other time you'll make a new Pet fall is when the board is completely cleared.
Work on the column the Pet is in first, try to get it down through the cages by blasting them with the line blasters.
If you're lucky there will be a suitable column for a new Pet to come down, and you can also save it.
Then carefully remove the rest of the cages.
After most of the cages are safely gone let the line blasters go to clear the board.
Now another Pet will fall and you can repeat the process.