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Pet Rescue Saga : Level 1493

Tips for Level 1493
First, look for the color of the butterfly on the right (as it's line blaster has less time before it goes off)
Make a large group or two of this color block to activate the butterfly and save your first Pet.
Use the first rocket booster (earned in the game) to swipe the caged block column to the left of the row.
This removes the vine.
Now, when the first timed line blaster goes off this column will slide to the left.
Leaving a column without a cage that you can bring Pets down in.
Only one Pet can be on the board at a time, so try to save them with only a few moves each.
When a Pet is due to drop make space in the column without a cage, then it can be just dropped to the bottom.
They can also be saved by the butterflies and by the rocket booster.