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Pet Rescue Saga : Level 1382

Tips For Level 1382
In this Level you need to rescue 8 Pets in 40 moves, this gives you an average of 5 moves for each Pet.
Each Pet must be rescued by a butterfly, there is no other way to get them.
So within 5 or less moves you have to collect at least 16 of the correct color block to release the butterfly at the bottom of the left side column.
This is not as easy as it sounds.
The best method I found for doing this was to try to make large groups of blocks for each butterfly.
Find a board that starts you with enough of the first color to use with the on board paint to get a large group of blocks.
(Quit and start again if the first color is not plentiful)
Setting off this large group not only releases a butterfly, but powers up the paint booster.
Use the paint on the board plus the paint booster to create lots of blocks the correct color, then remove the big group of blocks.
The booster is powered again and you'll also have the paint on board, so do the same for the next color.
Try not to click on too many small amounts of blocks in between big moves.
This is not so difficult at the beginning of the Level where the paint on the board matches the butterfly color.
Later in the game, when the paint that drops in the far right column become random colors it can depend on the luck of the board!