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Pet Rescue Saga : Level 1346

Tips For Level 1346
To pass this Level you need to work with the elements you're given.
It helps to get lots of line blasters to break the cages and bring the Pets down, but this does not always happen!
Only 4 Pets fall on the board at a time, but if you let the cages catch them, more can fall in the same column.
Check where the meshed line blasters are, if none are in the bottom row it is safe to get more Pets down, then rely on blasters to clear them.
Try to get as many Pets on board as you can (in cages and not)
Then let the line blasters go off and free them.
If the blasters are not in the final row you'll hopefully not loose many caged Pets.
If you run out of moves (which happens when lots of Pets are caged) the game will drop bombs.
These timed bombs are great for clearing the board.