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Pet Rescue Saga, Petopia explained


Petopia does not change the regular Pet Rescue Saga game or levels at all.
It is simply replacing the game screen between levels.

Petopia is a city builder feature. Use it to create a city just for your Pets, with houses, shops, restaurants, parks, etc.  

Every time you complete a Pet Rescue Saga Level the Pets you rescue will move into live in your city!
You will also receive three cards. 
Choose one of the cards and add the building or feature to your city.
To do this, click on one of the three to choose a card, then move around the board until you find a place for it (sometimes the 'place' is on a Pet!)

How to build Petopia

Every time you use a card and make progress in your town you will earn some 'love points' 
These points are shown in a progress bar.

When the bar is full and you level up in your Petopia progress you are rewarded with a special building for your city, or a special card!

The special cards allow you to do things like dressing up your pets or digging up treasure chests. The treasure chests randomly appear around your town and contain free boosters for the game.

Another way of earning 'love points' is to make your Pets happy.
Keep an eye on the Pets in your city and note when a Pet in your city is thinking of something.

They like to go to specific buildings/activities
If you then tap on the Pet, you can pick it up and drop it on the desired building/activity.
The Pet will then gove you love points, boosters or free play time!

You can also earn love points, game boosters and free lives by completing Petopia Quests and reaching game milestones.
Quests can be found in your events tab and once completed you will get a pawsome reward!


Petopia changes with the seasons, in Winter we get to collect gifts for under the Tree. 
In Springtime we can grow crops to sell at the Sunday Market for pet coins.
Summer has lots of beach activities and Fall/Autumn has trick or treating! 

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Pet Rescue Saga, Petopia