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Pet Rescue Saga, Buff Buddies


There is a something NEW in  Pet Rescue Saga!


It is called 'Buff Buddies' and the feature is available after level 43.

What you find is that there are 3 collectable booster Pets,  Bronze (Dog), Silver (Cat) and Gold (Panda).
They will appear randomly in the levels and for a limited time you get added advantages in the game. 
Watch the Buddy's bar while playing, sometimes the time runs out and you will have to collect the previous Buddy again.

When the Pets are rescued they each have a different power. 

The Bronze will boost your score in the current level.

Pet Rescue Saga, Buff Buddies, Bronze Pet


The Silver will recharge your boosters faster.

Pet Rescue Saga, Buff Buddies, Silver


And the Gold, gives you a mega bomb booster that when selected in the booster menu, will clear the whole board for you! 


Pet Rescue Saga, Buff Buddies, Gold

There is a video example here: Pet Rescue Saga, Buff Buddies

After using the mega bomb booster you will start again collecting from the bronze Pet